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I build game about Software Development Culture

Explore software development culture through an immersive game, delving into unique 'cults' such as Agile adepts, Remoters, Process cultists.
Game about Software Development and its Cults
Game about Software Development and its Cults

The following blog post and game concept are based solely on my own perceptions and experiences within the software development industry. The views expressed here are not absolute; they serve merely as a playful, insightful exploration of the diverse beliefs within this field. This game is an abstract representation, designed for entertainment and education, and should not be seen as an endorsement or critique of any specific practice.

The world of software development is a fascinating landscape, rich in diversity, brimming with unique practices and filled with its own unique form of 'cult' culture. In a recent endeavor to capture the spirit of this industry, I decided to craft an innovative exploration game - an immersive journey into the software development universe.

The game is not your typical action-adventure saga or a fantasy role-play. Instead, it's an exploration, uncovering, exploitation, and research-oriented game that mirrors the fascinating culture of the software development industry. It is an abstract venture rooted in real-world phenomena that encourages players to navigate the labyrinth of software development practices.

At the heart of the gameplay is the strategy - you're seeking out the most effective ways to get work done, just like a project manager in a bustling IT firm. Identifying the strengths of your team members, picking the right technological solutions for various scenarios, spotting the roadblocks, and strategizing their resolutions - all these elements blend seamlessly into the gameplay mechanics. The abstract nature of the gameplay stimulates the players' curiosity, compelling them to delve deeper into the layers of the software development world.

As players navigate through the game, they begin to uncover the multiple 'beliefs' or 'cults' within the software development industry, each with its own set of rules, followers, and philosophy:

  • The Monetary Maximizers: The ones who believe 'Money is good' and are on a constant quest to optimize their careers for maximum financial gains. Many from this group are ardent followers of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement.
  • Process Cultists: The followers of order and structure, who believe that a comprehensive and rigid set of rules is the cornerstone of successful software development.
  • People Fans: The community builders who admire their fellow IT professionals and work towards building robust and vibrant communities around the shared passion for technology.
  • The Efficient Minimalists: Those who swear by the '4-hour workday' philosophy, advocating that with proper management, one can deliver satisfactory work in just four hours a day.
  • The 4-Day Proponents: A relatively newer 'cult' in the software development world, these individuals advocate for a four-day workweek. They argue that a compressed workweek can lead to increased productivity, improved employee morale, and better work-life balance.
  • Remoters: Advocates of remote work, they assert that working from home or any place outside the conventional office is the future of work.
  • Game Developers: A unique cult, these are the creators and the consumers of the gaming world, passionately crafting and playing games.
  • Agile & Iterative Development Advocates: Followers of agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban, who believe in the power of iterative development, regular feedback loops, and adaptability. They are strong advocates of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) philosophy.

As players navigate through the software development cults in the game, they gain insights into the rich and diverse beliefs that power the real-world software development industry. The game is more than just an engaging play; it's a journey that allows players to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of the software development world. So gear up, delve into the captivating culture of software development, and have fun while learning through this interactive gaming experience!