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Engineering Game: Innovations and Persistence

Engineering isn't just about possessing theoretical knowledge or solving complex algorithmic problems. It's about assembling things in the correct order
Engineering Game
Engineering Game
Table of contents:

The Engineering Mastery

Engineering isn't just about possessing theoretical knowledge or solving complex algorithmic problems. It's about much more. It's about assembling things in the correct order, things that will not only harmonize with the whole but also hold their unique identity. It involves seeing the tiny details and maintaining an eagle-eye view of the entire project simultaneously. This is the essence of mastering the engineering game​.

Balancing Priorities

A significant part of success in the engineering game comes from striking a balance between personal life and the relentless pursuit of innovation. It's about prioritizing family needs and wants over "always fiddling with that damned computer". Yet, evicting an annoying problem from your brain to focus on other aspects of life can be a challenging endeavor. Understanding this balance is crucial to truly excel in the engineering game.

The Recipe for Success

There are no such thing.

Success in the engineering game isn’t achieved by accident. It's usually a combination of factors like good parenting, financial stability, and inherent understanding of basic concepts. With these, you only need to get lucky once or twice in life to get an opportunity to apply everything you've learned so far. However, even with all these elements, creating something remarkable is hard and often not under our control​.

The Invitation

This is where you come in. If you're inspired by these stories and want to try your hand at the engineering game, now is the time. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone with a keen interest in engineering, you're welcome to dive in. Remember, the key to accomplishments is to build something and then iterate on it. Experience truly is the best teacher in the engineering game​.

Elements of Success

There are three key elements to consider if you want to excel in the engineering game: a clear goal early in life, the ability to solve technical problems without too much frustration, and being born at the right time. Today, the computing world is a playground of large corporations and startups with VC backing, but that shouldn't discourage you. It's about having a strong drive, sustaining it, and having the right tools, knowledge, and community available to you​.


The journey to mastering the engineering game is a blend of nature and nurture. It requires curiosity or obsession that can't be taught but cultivated, access to resources, and the ability to self-study and block out distractions. The engineering game isn't just a profession or a hobby. It's a journey of innovation, persistence, and constant learning. Are you ready to step into the game?​