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Learn Software Development the Right Way

How to learn software development? Try our engineering game and take a step towards becoming a resilient and innovative software developer.
Game engine of Software Engineer
Game engine of Software Engineer
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Embracing Failure

Success isn't merely about getting every task right; it's about learning and growing through each task you undertake. That's why taking on challenges at your level, and even a bit beyond, is so crucial for personal development. However, in this process, some failure is expected and, more importantly, necessary. If you're succeeding 100% of the time, it could indicate that you're not pushing your boundaries enough. Indeed, being overqualified for your work implies that you're not testing your limits or stretching your capabilities.

An Engineering Game

On the other hand, experiencing failure about 20% of the time suggests that you're learning new skills and concepts. It's a healthy sign that you're pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Yet, it's crucial not to simply fail, but to take those moments as learning opportunities. This concept forms the basis of our engineering game, designed to simulate real-life software development situations and challenges. By playing, you'll encounter tasks at various difficulty levels, ensuring both your success and occasional failure. Try our engineering game today and take a significant step towards becoming an accomplished software developer.

Company Culture: Innovation Through Failure

Companies, too, benefit from an environment that tolerates and even encourages failure. The business world is evolving at a rapid pace, and organizations that foster a culture of innovation and risk-taking are better equipped to keep up. Successful tech companies understand that failure is not a dead-end but a pathway to progress. This philosophy creates an environment where innovation thrives, leading to the development of ground-breaking solutions.

This is only right way to learn learn software development

The Success in Failure

Leading tech companies have internalized this approach, celebrating failure as a crucial step towards success. This ethos encourages an environment where failure isn't shamed but instead, it's seen as an integral part of the innovation process. The idea is simple: accepting the risk of failure is a part of the journey in creating something new and innovative.

The Anti-Fragile Company

These companies value their in-house talent, particularly engineers with extensive experience in their products and businesses. They aim to grow together with these individuals, pushing the boundaries of what's possible for their business. The success of these companies is directly tied to the success of their engineers, making it beneficial for both parties.

To bolster this growth and resilience, companies have adopted frameworks like formal error correction procedures. These processes ensure that mistakes become opportunities for learning and improvement. This approach makes companies "anti-fragile", equipping them to not only withstand setbacks but to benefit from them.